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Hazardous & Dead Tree Removal in Pensacola, FL

Emerald Coast Tree Service has been serving Pensacola, FL for over a decade, removing large, hazardous trees from both residential and commercial properties. When looking into having a tree removed from your property ensure you allow a professional to complete this job.

There are many reasons you may need to remove a tree from your property. A tree that is planted too close to your home or business causes a safety issue, especially in the case of a hurricane or storm. Trees that are planted closely to power lines or electrical structures are a fire hazard.

Hazardous Trees

Hazardous trees can cause structural damage to your property or personal injury to you or another person. If someone was to get hurt on your property you are 100% liable for that person’s injury. These issues caused by hazardous trees on your property can be avoided with an affordable tree removal service. Recognizing these safety hazards and taking proper corrective actions can protect property, save lives, and help protect you from these liability issues.

Dead Trees

Dead trees should be removed from your property to avoid any issues. Not only are dead trees displeasing to the eye but they also attract pests into your home or office building. Rats and termites typically try nesting in dead trees. The majority of tree diseases are contagious, if your dead tree is placed close to other living trees or plants it can allow them to become sick and dead. 
Trees can also impact the value of your residential property. Trees can block natural sunlight or scenic views from your window. Trees cause issues in the case of home additions and remodeling. Dead or dying trees take away from the beauty of your home.

Regardless of your reasoning, Emerald Coast Tree Service can help remove unwanted trees from your property.

If you are looking to have an unsightly, dead or potentially dangerous tree removed from your home or business, call Emerald Tree Removal Services today.
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